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    New Zealand Centre for Digital Connections with India

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    Addressing the gap at the intersection of New Zealand, India, and all things digital


    With a population of 1.5 billion, a GDP of 3.176 trillion USD, and a growth rate of 8.7%, India is the world’s 5th largest economies, and the fastest growing major economy of the world.


    A number of New Zealand based technology companies have recognised this and are riding the wave by servicing the growing Indian middle-class for some time.


    India’s tech industry is estimated to touch $245 billion in 2022-23, as many Kiwis who set up and run global IT operations in India will attest.


    Several Kiwi entrepreneurs have captive development centres in India to service the New Zealand market.


    New Zealand has attracted Indian IT majors since the 1980s. It is estimated Indian IT professionals contribute NZD350M to New Zealand's economy every year.


    Now at the C-level, industry leaders, successful in the startup, entrepreunership and VC space, many have set up their own professional services practices.

  • This community collectively has unparalleled knowledge, experience, insights and connections in both markets - it is remarkable that there has been a vacuum in the space for so long.


    This initiative fills the gap acting as a catalyst, resulting in an inflected growth for New Zealand, and the organisations & individuals in that digital space.



    We influence policy by way of inputs to government at a national level on issues such as workforce mobility, and free flow of services in both directions.


    We are thought leaders on issues where India has significant impact on New Zealand such as digital technologies industry transformation plans, immigration settings, strategy for international students and others.



    We assist businesses to navigate the challenges of cross-cultural communication and collaboration and are committed to elevating trade and cooperation between the two markets.


    With our first-hand knowledge, we provide specialist advice on ethnic diversity, pay parity, recognition of overseas qualifications among others to organisations interested in addressing inequities.




    We coach, guide and mentor skilled immigrants enabling them to understand local nuances, elevate their game, and achieve their professional aspirations rapidly.


    We know the availability of high quality pastoral care for new arrivals is a definite predicator of rapid and long term success.


    We have seen real-life examples and are best placed to do this.

  • About

    This initiative formalises the work by Sunit Prakash and Lalita Kasanji for the past 40 years with a number of publications, submissions, working groups, presentations, mentoring sessions and more; and it sets up for the next 40 as developments in India, and in technology become increasingly central to New Zealand.


    Fiercely independent, fully self-funded, and free to join, this is a group of like-minded people committed to achieving success.


    Driven by a sense of urgency, success will be measured by:

    1. Participation in advisory groups, workshops & networking sessions
    2. Submissions to inquiries
    3. Presentations at events
    4. Opinions and papers published
    5. Guidance to organisations
    6. Coaching, guiding & mentoring

    Get in touch if you want to:

    1. Make a difference
    2. Grow your presence in new Indian & New Zealand markets
    3. Understand ethnic diversity in your workforce better
    4. Achieve your professional aspirations

    Lalita Kasanji

    Lalita Kasanji played a key role in establishing the Office of Ethnic Communities, Department of Internal Affairs, originally known as the Ethnic Affairs Service, in the early 1990s.


    She produced publications, presented at conferences, held workshops, and worked across agencies relating to ethnic communities.

     Lalita completed her Masters in Sociology from Victoria University of Wellington, examining the settlement of the Gujarati community in Wellington and its integration into New Zealand society.


    Her interests have expanded to complementary health and wellbeing. She is an active board member for business and community organisations.

    Sunit Prakash

    Sunit Prakash is a senior digital professional. Previously, as Director Support Operations, he was responsible for Customer Service & Support, Asia Pacific Japan for a Nasdaq listed company in Sydney, before returning to Wellington.


    He holds a Masters degree in Management Studies from NMIMS, Bombay University, one of India's top B-schools.


    Through his work and cohort, Sunit has had a ring-side seat to the successes of the Indian diaspora in IT, notably in Australia, Singapore, Silicon Valley, and elsewhere.


    Sunit writes extensively on New Zealand, India, and technology. His opinion pieces are regularly published in the national and professional press.

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